The birth of Christopher X, was one of necessity. I wanted a radio name that was catchy. But I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. So I took my confirmation names Christopher Xavier and decided to use that. Shortening Xavier simply to X give it more of a rebellious feel. I did find myself at the time rebelling against School Administrations and the presidency of George W Bush. It just felt appropriate. That was also 2007.

I have since then retired the name Christopher X because of a lack of need for it. Until recently I have gotten to a point with the way American politics and general political correctness have taken over.

The insane 2016.election with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton really was an eye-opener. Initially, when the entire election started I was a Democrat. In fact, I was interested in electing Bernie Sanders to the office. But when he lost a nomination through some dirty memes it made me reconsider that political party altogether.

I began researching Hillary Clinton. To see if she would be a good fit for me as a candidate. What I found was a pile of Lies that I couldn’t get away from. The amount of s*** that she was involved with blew my mind. The fact that she was at Watergate with Nixon. The fact that she was taking money through her foundation from Middle Eastern countries that were potentially going to want favors. The fact that she and her foundation we’re helping to destroy Haiti in 2010. Her involvement in Benghazi, arming rebels. The fact that she was trying and succeeded and starting a gender War between men and women. Also, there are weird occult spirit cookings. The fact that she was hiding and still is to this day how her true health is. It was painfully obvious to everybody watching her on the election Trail that she was sick. Oh and don’t forget the 30000 emails that she lied about on a private server. Oh yeah, the number of people that speak out against her the end up dead randomly from suicide. Yeah, fuck her.

The more that Trump said The more I agreed. And honestly, I was proud to vote for him. Even though if you were open and support of him you’re targeted. You’re labelled a racist, misogynist and any other random terms that they can throw out there.

Hillary supporters when is far as trying to get a recount. Which is not unheard of in a presidential election. But with the birth, no that’s not right. With the open acknowledgement of fake news finally out there giving b******* polls they figured and everyone figured Hillary was going to win. It was so set that Hillary was going to win people actually didn’t even bother voting. That didn’t work out quite well.

The Democrats quietly and openly support groups such as black lives matter and Antifa. Both groups have been known to cause more than just civil duress. No, they like to cause damage to property that is not theirs in the name of Justice.

I feel that those will be separate writings for different days. Until then resist b******* protesting resist group hallucinations and resist the urge to turn this place into anywhere but America.