True passion. 



I went to Greece Ridge Center today to the Fc3(Flower City Comic Con) mini-con. It was about 1% of the size of the comic con that happens just a week before it. Yet the people running it had 1000% more passion for this culture than the promoter who ran that show.

I personally have found this to be refreshing. Some promoters think that they shouldn’t be fans of the things that they have in their shows. I can agree with this on a cold business level. But that is all it is a cold business. In the end, if you do not have some kind of passion for this culture you shouldn’t be doing it. You’ll be seen as a shill just trying to make a buck off of other people’s passion.

I personally I’m excited to see where fc3 is going to go this year, their third year. They will still be running the Mini-con tomorrow as well. 11 – 5. I personally will be stopping by again just to absorb the culture enjoy the local vendors that are supporting this group of people. Hopefully, I’ll find some Comics I’m missing to help complete my collection. Two of my favorite comic book vendors 13th verse comic books and first print comic books have tables at this event.

I think it’s time to start supporting local conventions that truly believe in the culture and want to enjoy it and celebrate it with the people that love it as well.