Got Privilege?


This poster is hanging in a College in WNY. This poster is a perfect example of RACISM. The carefully chosen words that are placed on the face and neck of this girl are interesting. They are phrases I have heard repeated over and over again by people that are combating racism. But that is the exact opposite. I feel it’s stirring a pot that was not at such a dangerous level since Obama had been in office. These kind of posters are just propaganda for something worse.

The model is a White girl. That was not an accident. Even if it was not said in a plain text, she has white privilege. Or so we are to believe if you follow this image. We don’t know if she really has any kind privilege at all. Doing this is showing racism to white people. Is that okay? Because people live different lives we should hate them and use some unseen privilege as a catalyst to make it okay? Isn’t that what racism is?

I am a Puerto Rican. I have experienced racism in the places I lived and the jobs I had. But it was isolated to cretin people, not an entire race. My wife is White. I never saw her privilege, other than marring a low wage earning, minority. We had to work hard for everything we have. We never got a handout, but witnessed others taking advantage of the system,  99% of them were not White. In fact, I saw a side to that if you were a low earning minority willing to have kids out of marriage you had privilege. Which is sick. Me dwelling on this would make me no better than the creator of this poster.

ALL LIVES MATTER. PEOPLE MATTER. When did that ever change? I love the argument that of the technicalities of the moment. It is meant to bring awareness to how black people are treated. I am fully aware of how black people are treated. I’m also aware of how different people act that merits that reaction. Not all Black people are thugs. Not all Black people are poor. Not all People are good.

Real change can start when we start realizing PEOPLE MATTER NOT PIGMENT. Stop, hold people accountable for things they have not done. Then maybe we can start doing things to change our future.

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