Chris X Files: Who is Micheal Joseph Blood?

Remember Micheal Joseph Blood? A LOYAL member of the uWcNetWork, who moved back to Michigan to pursue his musical dreams in his home town, of Port Huron. Getting back to his roots and re-connecting with Metal. Before this could happen he went on a journey that most would only dream of.blood2

Chris X- Where did you like growing up?
Blood- Port Huron, MI

Chris X- What about music did you find enjoyable?

Blood- Energy, excitement.
Chris X-Did you go to college?
Blood- No
Chris X-Where did you go to try to make your dreams happen?
Blood- No. San Francisco, CA Rochester, NY
Chris X-What did you hope to accomplished in San Francisco?
Blood- To piece together a band and get a record deal.
Chris X- Did you go alone?
Blood- I went with Micah Etzel.
Chris X- What was your dream?
Blood- To make music my job.
Chris X- How old were you when you left?
Blood- 25
Chris X- You went to San Francisco what did you do to make money? How did you eat?
Blood- I had 2 jobs on Pier 39. Wipeout Bar&Grill and Poster Source. I just bought food and ate. We didn’t have a kitchen.
Chris X- What kind of music, also why music?
Blood- Because I love music. Unlike drawing, it was something that I could do in repetition and not get tired of. Thrash Metal, Heavy Metal, Hardcore.
Chris X- Did you make contacts that would help you make music?
Blood- Some contacts with musicians, but nothing permanent, and without a band, not much reason to shop myself off to record labels at the time.
Chris X-Who were your musical influences? Did they inspire you to follow your dreams and music?

Blood- GWAR is the biggest influence. Slayer, Pantera, Overkill, Metallica,

Megadeth, Slipknot. Slipknot came out the year I started playing music.
Chris X- Did you make music?
Blood- Not until we got to Rochester.
Chris X- When you came to Rochester what was different?
Blood- The culture was more diverse in Rochester than it was in San Francisco. It was closer to feeling like home in some ways, but a lot of people seemed impersonal.
In your travels did you find love on the road?
Chris X- We’re you trying to make a band?
Blood- We did have a band.
Chris X- Tell me about impalement.
Blood- Impalement was my first band, the one I fought very hard to make work, but had to many leaders with too many different directions. Ultimately, the music was great, but the band spent more time down than active.
Chris X- While you were in Rochester I see that you tried your hand at writing a book?
Blood- Yeah, I’m still working on it. I thought I finished it a couple times, but I didn’t.
Chris X- What stops you from saying that it was done?
Blood- Things I wanted to add and rewrites.
Chris X- How long have you been an artist? Drawing sketching that type of thing.
Blood- I started drawing when I was 2.
Chris X- What kind of things did you use to draw?
Blood- Whatever. I can draw anything. Not always free hand, but looking at stuff. Perspective, people, environments.
Chris X- Tell me about NO TOWN.
Blood- It’s still in the works, but it’s gonna be a while. I’ve decided to link everything I do with a common theme. No Town became the final story of the set.
Chris X- Hmmm… intriguing.
Blood- Even the music has its place in the theme. Our Sacred Honor is the name of the band, and the theme of the band is Constitutional Patriotism. In No Town, the Constitution doesn’t exist. They have a new set of rules called The Rules Doctrine. The Constitution was disregarded because it’s a system based on the people running the country. The Rules Doctrine ensures that the government runs the country, and the people are slaves. In No Town, Our Sacred Honor is the most popular band in the Underground. They were the only band who’s CDs survived the Zombie Apocalypse, but the message of the old Constitution is in the lyrics, and are the guide of the Underground to fight for a better world.

Chris X- Michael Joseph blood the smut Peddler?

Blood- I got the idea to sell sex toys from a show I was watching where a guy made a career out of it in a short period of time. He, like me, was a middle man between wholesalers and customers. It was doing ok until my money to fund it ran out.
Chris X- That sounds like it could have been very interesting LOL.
Blood- It was.


Chris X-You had a short run on an internet wrestling show?
Blood-  The Wrestling Wrap Sheet, where I interviewed wrestlers from Upstate New York.
Chris X- How was it being involved in that? With you being a wrestling fan as a child.
Blood- Being around wrestling in upstate, even before the Wrap Sheet made it possible to meet some people I never thought I would.
Chris X- You got involved with tnxbombsquad the early years of our podcast here at the uwc network. How was that?
Blood- The podcast was cool, but I think it’s going better now. It’s put together better now.
Chris X- Appreciate the compliment. We attribute that to all the cool guests and other people that were part of it while it was growing. That would include you LOL.

Blood- It’s definitely more equipped to have as many people on as you want.

Chris X- What made you leave Rochester? It seems like you had a lot of different projects going on while you were living there.
Blood- Yeah, too many that I had no way to afford. The biggest reason I left was so that I could have my 2 girlfriends in one place, but I saw the opportunity to make enough money to afford my ambitions. That just wasn’t gonna happen in Rochester.
Chris X- Wow
Chris X- What was the name of the band you finally ended up creating?
Chris X- Tell us more about our sacred honor. Is it metal like your other bands?
Blood- Our Sacred Honor’s music is similar enough to Impalement for me to be able to be able to play Impalement’s songs.

Chris X- How come everyone wears a president mask except you?

Blood- The idea is that the rebellious lead singer has written songs, and kidnapped X-presidents to play his music as punishment for their atrocities while in office.
Chris X- And what moves have you made to keep your dream going?
Blood- I have legitimized my record label, Impalement Remains Records. I have signed it up with ASCAP Record Royalty Agency, and when the record is released, it will be available on worldwide media.
Chris X- That’s great to hear that you went so far with the music business!
Chris X- You’re a movie junkie right? Give us your top 10 favorite movies of all time.
Blood- Star Wars, I consider all Star Wars number one. Watchmen The Dark Knight (Trilogy) The Terminator (1) Back to the Future (1) Ghostbusters (1) American Psycho Dark City Fight Club Batman v Superman
Chris X- Wait? Last Jedi too LOL?
Blood- Fuck Yes! The Last Jedi. That movie is great!
Chris X- Last Jedi is an SJW nightmare.
Blood- What’s SJW?
Chris X- Social justice Warrior.
Blood- I know. But, fuck em. They don’t know genius when they see it. I did a review of the film.

Chris X- That is definitely a discussion for a different time LOL.

Chris X- What was your favorite toys?
Blood-Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, wrestling figures, Star Trek: The Next Generation toys.
Chris X- Who is your favorite wrestlers?
Blood- Goldberg, Hogan, Nash, Undertaker 
Chris X- Who was your favorite comedian?
Blood- George Carlin


Chris X- You’ve had the ability to meet a lot of celebrities in your travels. Has it changed you at all meeting famous people?
Blood- No. Famous people are usually regular people doing their job.
Chris X- What are your political views?
Blood- I’m a Conservative leaning Libertarian/Anarchist
Chris X- Were you a fan of the last president? Are you a fan of the current one?
Blood- I support Trump. When I say anarchist, I mean the old definition, not the popular one.
Chris X- Old definition?
Blood- The new, or popular definition, is based on chaos, and disorder. It’s like the word conspiracy, how when the media got ahold of it, they made it mean “bad”, when it really only means, a plan created by two or more people. The original definition of Anarchy is based more around a person’s individual responsibility without government involvement. It’s about an individual’s responsibility over their own actions.
Chris X- How can people listen to your music where can they find you?
Blood- Our Sacred Honor on Facebook, YouTube – Impalement Remains Records.
Chris X- Thank you for your time.
Blood- Word
Enjoy Our Sacred Honor’s First single!