Recently I broke the internet out in WNY wrestling because it was leaked that I met with the offices in Buffalo. This brought out the trolls. Where they had to come at me on so many levels, about how they hated me and I was done. This mostly would have broken a lesser man. Instead, I made a shirt where a part of the proceeds goes to a charity against bullying. It was also used as fuel while doing my early morning workout sessions. That’s when it hit me. I was listening to a song by LL Cool J called “It’s Time for War”, I felt a connection. So I decided to write a declaration of war to the tune of that song. So what you are about to read is a paraphrase of his lyrics.

Welcome to NorthEast City, I’m your host Tyger Smith. You said I was finished and father time was to blame. You disrespected my legacy and threw dirt on my name. Told Marks he’s over he ain’t shooting the same. What he says is irrelevant Wrestling culture has changed. 

When I walk in room Young boys look at me strangely. As if I am a relic from some long forgotten game. It makes my blood boil turns my eyes to flames. I built an empire, they tried to kick me out in the rain.

So I called on an inner power it’s hard to explain. It’s like a 2Sic spirit utilizing street slang. I’m beyond the Twitter beefs and logos on merch. You see I changed the WNY wrestling forever, I elevated the game. 

Launched the greatest faction in the history of WNY. And for thirteen years carried it on my back. I’ve always shined brighter, when under attack. I might be down for the moment, but I always come back.

This is a resurrection I’m back from the dead. They told me to quit a long time ago, but I conquered instead. I had dreams and visions swirling around in my head. I have this hunger deep inside of me, that has to fed. 

Fans will respect all the blood that I shed. Wrestling my co-defendant with this mic I thee wed. I made an entire generation obey what we said. I’m talking from Rochester to Buffalo, from Pennsylvania to Connecticut, from Syracuse to Canada. From Clinton Ave smoking a stoag with Perez.  To shoot promo’s at my crib to build the Cartel man.

You see, I’m the undisputed king of the WNY wrestling, everything after is my legacy like or not. And I will keep making history I can’t stop Tyger Smith eternally hot. Look at how easily I flipped it and style around. Competition losing their footing, I see them falling down.

They will plot against me it kills them because I’m shooting now. Some of you didn’t pick up the phone, but I got you calling now. This is a job that must get done. Even if the Indy Trolls turn me into public enemy number one. 

If I had to pick up a chair that weighs over a ton. I will attack Workers until the competition is none. Nobody on God’s earth wants it with Tyger. You end up tortured and trapped in a psychological hell. And this is the beginning of a new era in wrestling. 

Tyger Smith yes you will feel the impact. It’s okay if you call it a comeback. Let them know I’m ready for combat. Tell those dumb motherfuckers to fall back. The Belt looks wrong on you I want that.