#TAKEITDEEP: That moment of Enlightenment

We all operate in a delusional state. Where we sit there and say to ourselves, or two others everything’s going to be okay. When we know it’s not. Or when things don’t go the way they’re planned, we justify it by saying it is what it is. Why do we do that?

Why do we do the dance? Is it for her own benefit is for the benefit of others? Is it so we feel that we’ve accomplished something, in existence that ultimately going to be the end? I don’t know. To be honest with you my feet, my hips and my back are tired. Walking on eggshells for the benefit of other people’s feelings seems futile. This day in age when a child can point their fingers at you and tell you how the world is, even though they haven’t lived life yet amazes me.

You can lose friends because of things other people have said. No matter if it’s true or false, they become a vapor in the Wind. Then begs to ask the question were they ever truly friends? You might even rip apart the term friend. Is a friend someone who has like-minded ideas? Or is it a person who stays close to you and uses you for their own benefit. Much like a battery, has expiry time before they need to move on.

Trying to learn and understand the rules of the game of life is hard. They seem to constantly change but always stay the same. In this contradictory world, I’m just trying to make it around the board as many times as I can before I’m out of the game. Two levels of frustration that come in are so great at times. It makes you want to flip the board and say fuck it I want to play Uno. But then you realize Uno, is even more like life.

Frustration leads us to rash decisions. But aren’t those rash decisions your heart’s true desire? And then you have to sit back after you’re done, to look and what you have done, and ask yourself was it right? Don’t worry another man will come along and judge you for your actions. I guess the question then becomes do you let them?


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