#TAKEITDEEP: Self Worthless

take it deep.jpg

Have you ever taken that time to look at yourself in the mirror and think how special you are? How much have you contributed to society as a whole? How revered your ideas are by your peers? Have you ever sat there and thought to yourself, how could the Earth continue to rotate on its axis if you are not on its surface? Well, have you?

I’m sure you have. The issue is not the fact that you have such a high opinion of yourself. Is the fact that you cannot convince everyone else to share your opinion. In truth of your opinion, your thoughts hell your body odor is not welcomed by anyone. You’re completely irrelevant. No one would care if you disappeared after reading this. This is the sad reality of your existence.

Don’t worry there’s still hope. Assisted suicide has become extremely popular these days. There’s a chance you can still do this world a service. You could possibly save some air for someone who might matter two other people. Just make sure that whatever you’re planning isn’t to elaborate. You might trick yourself into thinking people both think about you 4 more than 5 minutes afterwards.

The greatest tragedy in this entire situation is that a fact that you thought you mattered. The fact that you were going to make that big noise. The one heard around the world. But you made the noise equivalent to a wet fart. You’re sad and I’m sure you’re going to think this blog is about you. Don’t you?