Strips Before Spots

“I hate Beavers”

You know when someone tells you something about someone, and you think it’s not true but deep down you see that it is. Rumors don’t spread, for no reason, I mean where there is smoke there is fire and that fire came from something. That something was a “Beaver” breaking the dead wood to make that fire and then wonder why no one likes her.

I try to see past the smoke and think that there was no fire, but a different smoke clouded my judgment and made me attempt to see that the original fire was not the case. I would, later on, find out, I was wrong because this Beaver was a dirty Whore. I chose not to believe it, tried to reason, hell even attempted to nicely talk about it and went to the friends of the beaver inside her dam of friends to get advice but this made the beaver mad.

That instead of talking to me always saying that she was afraid of losing me, she’ll cut her wrists and talking about suicide. But this was all for attention because if she really wanted to die she would. And that might sound a little fucked up but it’s the truth. However I’m not saying that all people that do that are the same, some have real issues and aren’t 14-year-old beavers that hang out with the wrong creatures, knowingly and then says her life is bad. Bullshit. Grow the hell up and maybe you might mature a little. But that’s impossible for you, and now I know this.

You want to be the original fire. I don’t care now. You want to talk about suicide and be like “I want to kill myself”. I really don’t care because it’s bull. All of it is. Yeah sure, you might have a few issues but you are a young beaver. You don’t have many issues, and I tried to see through this but it’s really hard to. Because you are fake and when this fire you created destroys your dam I will be safe away in a den because now I hate Beavers.