Jack Black Got WHAT?! HE SAID WHAT!?

This just in, kiddie kiddos!!

Jack mother effin Black had a very important ceremony today, held in his honor!! He received………………..wait for it……………… * A FUCKING STAR ON THE HOLLYWOOD WALK OF FAME!! *

I am COMPLETELY fangirling out over here because there’s more to it than just getting the star!

So, of course, he brings his family to this momentous ceremony. People speak, unveil your star, speak and go home, right?


He starts speaking about how shocked and humbled he is that everyone could come. He had a ton of extended family members attend that he mentions. Also, the awesome Kyle Gass took time out of his current tour to fly in and attend the ceremony! (Total Bromantic Feels, K.G!) * IT GETS BETTER!!!* Right at the end of his acceptance speech, he says and I quote, ” Thank you. I love you all, except for Donald Trump who is a piece of SH##!…”

Jack Black summed up in two words: MY HERO! (insert googly lovey eyes here!)

Jack Black is the MAN!!

End of Discussion!


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