Time to scare the kids!

As a parent, my favorite time of year, without question, is Halloween season! (YES! Halloween is season and a lifestyle in my completely biased opinion. I live and breathe that shit, even before motherhood hit!) It gives me ample excuses to make my kids scream in public, for the sake of Halloweeny fun. (I feel like such an evil parent admitting this now lol)

I have been to the Halloween store here 3 times in September alone. Did I leave empty handed? #NegativeNancy I ALWAYS leave with something. The first trip was my son’s costume and my perfect AHS mug. (AHS- American Horror Story, for those who have been living under a freaking rock.) The second trip, I brought the kids with me and I had a freaking field day!!! I felt like a kid on Christmas, stepping on all of the sensors for the animatronic lawn decorations, while listening to my children scream like someone is committing a bloody murder right in front of them.

My son is 6 years of age and he is terrified of everything around Halloween time, especially skeletons, masks, bats, and rats. I can not tell you how easy it is to scare him, even at a drugstore or a gas station. (God, I sound like satan himself, torturing my kids lol) My daughter is 3 (her birthday was yesterday! Happy bday gremlin #2) and she LOVES scary things! She watches AHS & Supernatural with me without hiding her face, she LOVES horror movies! This little freak tried to sit down next to me while I was watching Oculus and she legit CRIED because I told her she couldn’t watch it!! Oh! lets not leave out that my 3 year old daughter has seen IT. (Yeah, you read that right.) She hides her face when Pennywise is carrying out his evil doings but when she sees his face, it’s “Look mommy! It’s the clown. He’s a bad clown. He’s silly.” o.O silly is NOT the word I would use, kid. My point with my daughter… she loves horror movies and everything but screams like a damn banshee when she sees ANY kind of a bug. It could be an ant outside and she screams for bloody murder! o.O I think she’s going to grow up to be a pyscho hahahaha. (Just joking yall.)

My favorite Halloweeny movie is The Nightmare On Elm St series. Whats yours?

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