Cookie Crumbler-Overall: Day 1 @ AuthorCon

So, as we are closing in on the last 1hr and 45mins of DAY 1 of AuthorCon & ParaHorror Fest, I wanted to write an overall blog of the day; The Cookie Crumbling Moment where you get to read and reflect on the best part of the day and news!

As I said in an earlier blog today, this is my very first con. I am super stoked with the people I’ve been meeting (both con-goers and other vendors,) and the friendly atmosphere the place gives off.

I have heard some pretty horrific TRUE stories today and some stories that just stabbed me in the heart like it was meat for a shish kebab.

I wasn’t overwhelmed. I was shy at first, of course. (That’s natural for me so shut it.) After really listening to people tell their stories, I started to come out of my shell, so to speak, and realized that everyone is here to do the same thing: Just get together, share their brands, have fun and make friends.

I think I could hop on the Con Wagon now, officially.


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