Oddity Commodity

Ladies and Gentleman!! Boys and girls of all ages!!! Are you ready to hear about something wickedly odd and excitingly humorous!? Come one! Come all and meet the man of your most wicked dreams: the intensely awesome, LENN ODDITY!

Lenn. Oh man, how can one speak (or write, in my case) about The Oddity that is Lenn?? He does it so well himself lol I think I should start doing Vlogs (insert evil laughs here!)

Anyway, Lenn is a “side show comedy act” (as he so comedically puts it) who started his claim to fame as a wrestler. He has shared the ring with our own UWC Legend, Tyger. (you should be cheering now, people. Geeze, get with it! Pfft!) He has been known by a few different aliases that have shaped him into the Lenn Oddity the world is getting to know and love. Some of the aliases that stuck out to me were Suicide Lenn and Skitzo Lenn (which was a name that was attempted by force of others, not him. Just to clarify.)

So what is he all about? His goal is to make his audience laugh and forget about all of the shit they have going on outside of his show. On top of being a bright and very “punny” addition into my world, he also happens to be insanely smart in the subject of economics. Insomuch as he was once offered a position to become an Economy Professor at a College! The Tatted wonder said, (and im paraphrasing here because I was too captivated by his words to write down anything down..) that he would end up sitting in class like he was a student and then be like “oh. Yeah. Im supposed to be up there, huh?” hahahahahaha! Yes. If you’re a professor, get up, Lenn.

All in all, Mr. Oddity is a rare commodity of humor, craziness, and originality all meshed into one exhilarating and unique side show act that you WILL not ever forget!







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