Welcome To The Carnival

I had the pleasure of meeting the Operator/Co-Promoter of AuthorCon/ ParaHorror Festival: The awesome and amazing soul that is Tiffani-Beth!

Tiffani-Beth runs the whole show with her partner in crime, her husband. All of the expenses that sponsors won’t help with, come right out of their pockets! #BossUpLadies! They started the convention together in 2012. Her husband had a background and interest in Paranormal stuff and she had interests and experiences as well in that field. The two of them just meshed together like Peanut Butter & Jelly! (A match made in heaven! mmmmm.. now I want a sammich!)

After getting tired of traveling around to different cities for a good chunk of her life to date, she and her husband really took a step back to realize that for western ny, there aren’t a lot of opportunities for Con-goers to stay local in this neck of the woods. Needless to say, with her background in the Carnival world, and the experiences she and her husband have had, there was nothing stopping them from pulling off and creating the most awesome con: AuthorCon!

AuthorCon has been around since 2012, as previously stated, and every year, it changes. This year is AuthorCon & ParaHorror Festival. To go hand in hand with the theme this year, tomorrow is “The Walking Dead Day,” where the streets of Oneonta, NY will be FILLED with zombies for a Zombie Walk! The walk ends here at the Foothills Convention Center, so we will have a copious (meaning a plethora) of zombies flooding the building!

Being here and interviewing Tiffani-Beth, I have already heard some KILLER stories! Emphasis on the killer part!!! If you want to know more about a TRUE STORY, check out the #TakeItDeepPodcast to hear the gruesome details! (It’ll make your jaw drop! Trust me!)

So as I said, the theme changes every year but AuthorCon remains; always. ((~~* AS AN EXCLUSIVE FIRST ANNOUNCEMENT, ONLY TO BE HEARD FIRST WITH THE TAKE IT DEEP PODCAST *~~)) :

2019 Will be Slasher Fest and Retro Con! Nothing but slasher juicy goodness and starts from the 70s-90s!!!

Gold! Pure Fucking Gold!! Do you seriously think that Miss. Horror Fanatic will miss this!?





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