1st world country problems

Only in a first world country can and would we have complaints like the one I’m going to make:

Lunch: I went to FiveGuys and ate. No big deal. Well, the place is attached to a “mall.” (And I use that term SOOOOOOO loosely!) So, I finish eating and decided to take a stroll through the place to see what stores they may have. See if anything cool is there. No big deal right? Yeah, fuck that noise! That was a MAJOR #NegativeNancy moment.

This fucking place, maybe 20 places in business, total, and like 15 empty fucking stores! No Hot Topic. No Spencers. The 3 major stores were jcpennys, shoe depot, and rue 21. Like what in the actual fuck, people!? That is NO mall! Maybe in like outlet sense, but even then…. NOPE.

This is one of those things that you have to see to believe. (It was sooooo small!!!!!) (pun or no pun lol you be the judge.)


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