Con one! Con all! Its Day 2!

Wrestlers and Zombies and Comic Book Print Outs. Psychics and Legends and Podcasting about All of the people who bring us all joy with pain and blood, demon haircuts and toys. (If you don’t think sound of music while reading this, we cant be friends! It took me 30 mins to come up with that small bit too! fucking failure!)

Anyway, today is AuthorCon & ParaHorror Fest DAY 2! We have legends in the building today!!! (I won’t say who yet. There will be a blog and a podcast for it! Tune in and keep those eyes/ears peeled, kiddie kiddos.) Tyger is fangirling. I am hungover. This is going to make for a very interesting day, to say the least.

I have my bloody syringe pen, 1/2 sugar skull makeup done, MSI playing on my phone: BRING IT ON, DAY 2! It’s time to get the sweet aroma in the air that is me: COOKIE!



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