Oh, the horror!!!

So we interviewed Mr. Lenn Oddity yesterday.


I wish I could fill you in, in detail, about this dude and his act! It is absolutely intense and WILL push you to your comfort level with what you can/cannot watch happen to a person.


Tyger had to walk out of Part 1 of the show,because he couldn’t handle the intenseness that was being performed in front of the crowd. I could barely handle it myself.

Part 2 would have been where I lost my bearings for it, HOWEVERRRRRR, I was forced to go on stage and play “assistant” for probably the most terrifying things I’ve ever had the pleasure of witnessing.

I had to bear witness to 3-4 different acts of pain. The most nerve racking for ME was having to hit him in the head with a fucking cookie sheet! (Talk about the ultimate pun from a “punny” kind of guy! Cookie with her cookie sheet!) (I am completely facepalming myself for even typing that out.) I hate hurting people UNLESS I AM DEFENDING MYSELF. This was a giant fucking battle for me. (So thanks to Mr.Awesome for the forced volunteer pointing LOL) #NegativeNancy

The Gooey Center of this Cookie: you NEED to see Lenn Oddity’s show!! Check him out on all platforms of social media for his next show and more info!



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