I detest being sick. What makes it land in my salsa is when im sick before a fucking holiday. It’s the WORST!

So, kids both got sick, then their father gets sick, then I get sick, then my daughter, and now we’ve come full circle back to my son being sick.

Let me tell you, this shit sucks! Lmfao! Here I am, preparing to host thanksgiving dinner at my house next week, (only I can’t call it thanksgiving dinner because my grandmothers religious reasons. It has to be called a “family dinner” or she won’t come. Whatever dude. Not a big deal.) So anyway, battling dragons and fairy princesses and prepping for the holidays…. it all brings me to one epic fucking conclusion:


im going to live in the sewers with turtles, rats, and broken paper electronics! 😂😂😂😂

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