In The Trenches With Sgt. EniGmA: Episode 5

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are just a day away from NCW’s first show of the year NCW Frost Fight in front of a sold-out crowd at The Polish Cadets 927 Grant St. Buffalo NY, so join me as we review all the action-packed matches and get pumped for another amazing Nickel City Wrestling Show!

also, stay tuned for the first “WHERE THE FUCK?” Shoot Section (which I know I’ll probably get shit for asking this but oh well I’m doing it anyways for you the fans!)

Kaiju Chris West VS Downtown Kenny Brown:

The young, and confident Downtown Kenny Brown faces off with the veteran Kaiju Chris West in what might be his biggest match to date, I hope he’s ready for the fight of his life because the former NCW Heavyweight Champion is definitely gonna bring all he has to the table!

NCW Tag Team Championship Title Match

The Rent Collection Agency VS The Queen City Kings:

Anthony Musso And Dakoda Orion earned another golden championship opportunity after beating The Rent Collection Agency’s hit squad The Nacci Mafia in a 5-star match at NCW’s Winter WonderSlam, than the very next day beating the Champions in a 6 man tag match at NCW’s Hangover! These two teams are no stranger to one another The Rent Collection Agency beat The Queen City Kings in a qualifying round of the Tag Team Championship Tournament!

The Unbookables VS Nacci Mafia:

The Unbookables haven’t had the best of luck since holding the crowd hostage during an intermission at NCW’s Winter WonderSlam pissing off The Tag Team Champions cost them a fair opportunity at a win the next night against The Arcade Heroes, and ultimately signed their fate as they didn’t read the small print on the contracts they signed which stated they would have a match February 22nd against The Nacci Mafia, now if you’re not familiar with The Nacci Mafia, they are cold-blooded and calculated hitmen, not afraid to get their hands dirty for The Don! In the words of Tony Cipreoni “They’ll leave you sleeping with the fishes!

The Business Open Challenge:

It’s that time of year again The Business Open Challenge which can only mean one thing someone is going to get their ass whipped! There has been a lot of speculation over the internet as to who will answer the challenge almost as if wrestlers are lining up to take on The Business, one thing is certain I am not in that line so please look past me!

Silver Linings Championship Title Match

Megabyte Ronnie VS Vinnie Moon:

Megabyte Ronnie is a competitive eater from Coney Island, who made a very impressive NCW return at NCW’s Hangover, and I’m not just talking about the fact that he scarfed down a whole hotdog before the bell even rung, although that was pretty impressive, but when that bell rang that man meant business dishing out a conga line of suplex after suplex, and giving the champion a run for his money but ultimately coming up just a little short against Vinnie Moon. I hope Vinnie Moon is hungry because Megabyte Ronnie said he’s packing him a late lunch of Knuckle Sandwiches, followed up by a Cross-face Chicken Wing and washed down with some Tap Water!

NCW Heavyweight Championship Title Match

Slade VS Latin Soldier:

Slade the schizophrenic switch of Sebastian Braun, made his first public appearance at NCW’s Nightmare On Grant St. after Sebastian was eliminated from The Candy Cup Battle Royal only to reappear as Slade win the Battle Royal and a contract for a title of his choice, and ever since has been unstoppable, will Latin Soldier be able to tame the undefeated beast, and successfully defend his championship, or will dark clouds pour in as a new champion is crowned?

The Final Battle

(A War That Will Settle The Score)

The Fallen & Warpath VS The UWC:

I saved what I feel will be the match of the night for last because for 15 years this war has gone on through numerous federations all across this country, Blood has been shed on both sides of the battlefield and everything for the past 15 years has to lead up to this very moment!

Two teams step into that ring with the sole intent to put the other team in the hospital, this isn’t about sportsmanship, this isn’t going to be a friendly competition, this right here is going to be gang warfare to prove who is superior, there have been many casualties in this war on both sides and there might be even more in this Final Battle!

“WHERE THE FUCK?” Shoot Section:

Welcome to the very first and depending on how it goes over possibly the very last “WHERE THE FUCK?” Shoot Section where I ask the hard questions as a journalist for UWC Network, now before I get started please allow me to disclaim these questions or statements made in this section is that of my own opinion, and are in no way shape or form the opinion of The UWC Network or any of it’s representative other than myself!!!! You’ve been warned!

I’m gonna get straight to it and ask the hard questions after reviewing all the announced matches, my question is:



Thank you for joining me on another exciting episode of In The Trenches With Sgt. EniGmA hopefully I didn’t piss too many people off asking that question to where I get shut down… so on that note stay tuned for another exclusive episode of In The Trenches With Sgt. EniGmA… maybe…? Hopefully…? Oh, wait before you go remember a cup a day will keep the marks away! So pour yourself a nice tall glass of The UWC Kool-Aid and buy a fucking shirt!!!!!!!!!!

This has been In The Trenches With Sgt. EniGmA Over And Out!






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