there is something.
We all go through it,
Whether its with family,
Or the biggest thing of all.
It is the route of all evil.
It is the number one struggle.
People starve.
Because we struggle,
To keep money in our pockets.
Stop the struggle,
Help the gain.

Hey there everyone.

How we doing today? Well I’ve had better ones. But here i am. Posting something new for the lovely men and women of the uwc network!!

Buuuuut anywho, to get a bit of background to this here poem, i wrote this awhile back what money was a big big problem in my life. Things like bills and medical problems were just piling up. So me and my family struggled biiiiig time.

But along the way we made it out and now we are doing great. Got help and then we return the favor in the end.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help out there. We all go through it.

Until next time..


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