Glass breaking,

The mirror shattering.

Life falling,

To pieces.

Trying hard,

To pick them up.

Bones broken,

But more of,


Life crumbling,

We’re all falling.

Pain circulating,

As the broken pieces,

Fall to the ground.

Trying to move on,

Trying to pick up the pieces.


So broken.

Not able to be fixed,

What could be next.

Lifting spirits,

Yet still broken.

Once shattered,

And broken to pieces.

Life is hard,

Hard to build back up,

In to one.

Glue can’t mend it,

Not even tape.

Not much,

Can really mend,

A broken heart.

Hellooooo and good evening to all you lovely men and women of the uwc network.

So when you read this your probably gonna think man who the fuck broke her heart or some shit,

But no, lol i promise you i havent been broken hearted in awhile especially due to a man. If that lol. I mean yeah i suffer from losses from family to friends but yeah. You get what i mean, well i hope lol.

Anywho, basically what i am trying to say here is that once a heart is really broken 💔 it can be hard for that person to heal. From relationships to families falling apart, think before you make any decisions. Because your actions alone could very well break the hearts of those who really care and love you.

Some situations we can’t think on. But other’s we can.

Until next time…