State of the UWC in NCW



Okay, I need to clear up some questions fans and wrestlers had at this past show. We entered that match with the mindset of it being exactly what it was billed as, the final chapter.



But instead, it was our platform getting highjacked by The Rent Collection Agency. We, The uWc are not ok with this at any level.


We as you know are strangers to having our spots taken and criticized by others in the crowd, locker room, and Office alike. This has been a stigma that has become a stable in our focus and drives us to take titles and steal the show at all levels, since 2004.

The fact that we are being at odds with a faction that has been together for a cup of coffee is insulting. This sideshow act is trying to act as if it’s at the same level is very laughable at best. I’m sure I will receive a backlash for this statement, but it needs to be said.


There was a statement made at the end of frost fight that everyone in the ring represented twelve years of wrestling history. The past. The Rent Collection Agency was the future. I was thrown off by this.



Me myself going on my 20th year in the wrestling business alone shows me and everyone standing in the ring next to me that these young boys don’t do their due diligence. That will come back to haunt them. Because for the first time we are all on the same page.



I’ve heard the term 45-mile vets. As a reference to guys in this area, who don’t travel all over. I know all of the guys in the ring have been accused of this. Well, I travel 65-miles to get to NCW. LOL.



Batavia Downs The uWc will be there, looking for an opportunity for some fun, Rent Collection Agency.


In fact, I keep saying it I want The Business in the ring. This is Tyger Smith so you know who said it. #ALPHAHEEL

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