Looking up

As i look up,

Tears fall.

The thought of you,

Makes me ball.


You were here.

Wondering why.

Why did you leave?

Thats one question,

I’ll never,

Get the answer to.

So here i stand,

Looking up.

Talking to you,

Showing how much,

I really miss you.

Hello hello ladies and gentleman of the uwc network.

This is another fairly short poem but was written while i was at work today because i had alot on my mind. Today isn’t one of my best days for that reason being that today marks 4 years since the passing of my best friend Nicholas.

Missing him everyday is hard but today was the real challenge honestly.

Losing someone you were close to is hard, so take the time out of your day today to tell the ones you care and love for that you love them because we can wake up tomorrow and them be gone. Just like that, like in the blink of an eye.

Until next time..