In The Trenches with Sgt. EniGmA: The Lost Episode

this exclusive episode of In The Trenches with Sgt. EniGmA, was originally supposed to be my third episode however was somehow lost in the vault and it wasn’t until The Wildcard Ace Gervase approached me about this specific episode that I looked deep within the vault to find this, so if enjoy this episode make sure you support the man that made this episode be re-released and go pick up one of his awesome shirts exclusively sold right here on UWC4LIFE.COM

With night one of a two night Wrestle-Mas weekend already in the bag, all the chaos that erupted, so much action that went on I forgot to mention the contract signing that happen sorry Unbookables… so without further ado, let’s get into night two NCW’s Hangover!

The Arcade Heroes VS The Unbookables:

After being defeat the previous night against the NCW Tag Team champions and being forced back down the ladder, The Arcade Heroes went back to the change machine the next day to get a handful of quarters in another attempt to make it back up to the final boss, as they approached the arcade cabinet they noticed a new name on the high score list, The Unbookables??? As I apologized about in the opening paragraph The Unbookables held the crowd hostage during an intermission when they rushed the ringside area with colorful chairs and a table waving around a contract, and during a celebration after signing their NCW contracts, they were interrupted by The Tag Team Champions The Rent Collection Agency’s Mikey Everynight who was there with a House warming gift and a friendly reminder that the first months rent will be due Feb. 22 when NCW presents Frost Fight and they can directly pay it to The Nacci Mafia. Now that I have you caught up with the previous night let’s fast forward back to the next day: Furious about the new comers on the high score list The Arcade Heroes challenged The Unbookables to a match, the two teams threw down in heavy hand to hand combat, to climb the ladder, and make it one step closer to dethroning The Champions, however in the final seconds of the bout, The Rent Collection Agency hit the ring and viciously attacked both teams leaving the referee absolutely no choice but to rule the match a no contest!

The Queen City Kings & Downtown Kenny Brown VS The Rent Collection Agency:

After making their presence known to the new coming Tag Team The Unbookables, The Rent Collection Agency suited up for battle, they grab their enforcer The Business, And faced off with The Queen City Kings, and Downtown Kenny Brown, in an explosive 6 man tag match, Musso and Orion still fired up after a victory from the previous night against the Rent Collection Agency’s hitmen The Nacci Mafia, flew around that ring at the speed of light and The Rent Collection Agency just couldn’t keep up, so I suppose you can say The Rent Collection Agency got the home inspection of a lifetime , because Downtown Kenny Brown and The Queen City Kings SHUT THEM DOWN!

Primal Warpath VS Dave “Towels” Tracy:

Towels came to ringside, demanding that everyone goes out of their pockets like it was the first of the month, he was there to collect THE RENT! With a portfolio filled to the brim with money in hand, he went on to say he has collected the rent from Parts Unknown, which is where the Warpath family lives he proceeded to add how he slapped Mama Warpath around, to encourage her to pay up, well Primal Warpath heard enough and stormed the ring with such electricity flowing through the air as circled the ring, shaking the ropes, high-fiving all the little Prisoners Of War in the crowd! And it’s safe to say that Dave Tracy was throwing in the towel before too much longer! After the match a victorious Primal Warpath got his hands on Towel’s share of the rent and began to throw it out to the crowd, I even ended up with a couple dollars myself!

Nasty Nick Nice VS Lucian Caiker:

Lucian Caiker the dark archer, came out to the ring with his sights set on Nasty Nick Nice, threw everything he had at him but came up just a little short, Nick Nice has been on a roll successfully winning both of his matches during NCW’s Wrestle-Mas weekend Double shot, this match was top notch and I hope we see these two face off again real soon in the new year!

Tyger Smith VS HC Loc:

Now before we get into this hellacious battle let me give you a little history lesson HC Loc for some of the fan who may not be familiar with his work!

HC Loc started his training in 1996 at Crunchers Gym where he trained with Bob Bailey and T.C. Reynolds, 6 days a week, for 15 months! After working a plethora of Tag Team matches and Battle Royals he had his first singles match against Steve Corino! Over the next few years HC Loc wrestled all across the northeast and occasionally as enhancement talent on WWF including the first ever inter gender match on an episode of Raw April 6th 1998 against Luna Vachon where he lost…! In the summer of 1999 HC Loc attended a training seminar from none other than former NWA World Heavyweight Champion Dory Funk Jr at the legendary Funk’s Dojo in Ocala Florida it was here where the legend arranged a tryout for HC Loc to join ECW, he would go on to wrestle for ECW from 1999-2001 where he along with many other experienced several bounced checks from old Paul Heyman! Hahaha SHOOT! February 23, 2002 Loc made his debut in ROH as a referee, shortly after formed The Carnage Crew with DeVito and went on to win the ROH Tag Team Championship from Jimmy Jacob and BJ Whitmer! He is also well known as one of the greatest professional wrestling trainers in NYS, now here’s where the plot thickens!

Who has he trained…?

Well he trained none other than the man he faced that’s night Tyger Smith!!!!!

Now instantly hearing that I’m sure you would think there’s a great deal of respect there, however when the bell rung these two men fought like savage enemies, at one point I even seen Tyger Smith try to scalp his mentor with a shovel busting him wide open, they fought all around the arena using various weapons such the shovel I previously mentioned and that colorful chair that seems to keep popping up… during the match Tyger Smith went for a moonsault off the top rope and missed, it was just than that HC Loc was able to capitalize and successfully gain the victory after the match the two men shook hands and it was just than that I realized sometimes it isn’t about hating the man across the ring from you, sometimes it’s just about the love of the sport!

(cue soft music)

The Fallen VS The UWC:

This war has gone on for the past 15 years, and there doesn’t seem to be any signs of a truths coming up, Young Bull still furious about his loss the previous night being choked out by ShadoKat seeks revenge, yet still confused to why ShadoKat helped him back to his feet, Wildcard Ace Gervase fed up with the mind games, set up this hard hitting Tag Team match, which when you see these two teams listed on the marquee against each other you know you’re gonna get a 5 star match and that’s exactly what we got! The UWC showed great ring awareness during this match, literally cutting the ring in half keeping ShadoKat in their corner for the majority of the match! The tides turned in The Fallen’s favor when Deacon was able to reverse The UWC’s Double Superplex into a Double Power Bomb off the top rope, than lock in this wild modified Camel Clutch submission that I’m not even gonna begin to try and explain all I can say is that shit looks VERY VERY PAINFUL!!! Finally ShadoKat who wasn’t the legal man mind you, hit a frog splash on both Young Bull and Ace Gervase and pinned Ace for the win although if you look carefully Ace’s shoulders weren’t pinned and he was technically on top of Young Bull who was face down to the mat, so I feel that this was a very controversial ending to this match!!!

All I wanna know is who the hell taught this guy how to be a referee Danny Davis????

Silver Linings Championship Match

(4 Way Dance)

Bud Goode VS JC Prez VS Megabyte Ronnie VS Vinnie Moon:

This match had everything, technical wrestling, action, comedy, competitive eating, dancing, and not one but two returns to NCW’s squared circle! I thought I’ve seen everything in Professional Wrestling over my 26 years of spectating the sport but I stand corrected, the match Started off with Megabyte Ronnie pulling a hotdog out of his fanny pack and scarfing it down in milliseconds, half way through the match all four men broke out in a conga line, which was followed up by a bunch Belly to Back Suplexes by the one and only competition eating, pro wrestling Megabyte Ronnie, with victory in his grasp Vinnie Moon hit his patented Corkscrew Elbow Drop knocking Ronnie on his ass for the 1-2-3!

Nick Marek VS Kaiju Chris West:

After butting head as a Tag Team the previous night Chris West and Nick Marek face off to settle their differences, all though their differences are probably not settled, they sure beat the hell out of each other! This was a very even fight but at the end Nick Marek just couldn’t hold up to the former NCW Heavyweight Champion Kaiju Chris West!

NCW Heavyweight Championship Match

Sebastian Braun VS Da Latin Soldier:

If you are not aware who Sebastian Braun is picture a powerhouse built like a tank, he definitely had the size advantage in this match and it showed as he threw The Champion around like a rag doll, but like I’ve stated before when Da Latin Soldier hits that SuperKick it’s lights out, it looked like David slaying Goliath, the way Braun fell like a ton of brick as if he had gotten shot in the face!

What a way to end the year one thing is for sure who know what is to come February 22nd at NCW’s Frost Fight!

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