I'm hurting, Not simple hurt. Not physical, More like.. Emotional. Its rough to explain, But here i shall. Shall try to explain, The strain on me. Im hurting, From deep within me. Words can be named, For this exact feeling. More or less, State of mind. I'm hurting, But i don't want to. Not anymore, … Continue reading Hurting

Your Smile

That little face, I just love. You yourself, Are tiny. My little guy, My nephew. When i look at you, I can't help it, But be happy. I could be, In the worst mood. Until i look, Look at you. You, You and your smile. That smile, Could brighten anyone's day. It makes mine, Shine. … Continue reading Your Smile


An image or thought, Could have brought, That aching feeling. The one that you feel, In your chest, Your head, And your eyes. No matter where, You will feel it. Whether it be physical, Or even mental. But who would have thought, That you, Would have felt that. Emotional pain. But there is another word. … Continue reading Damage