Smile for me now…

I sit there and hear a less than masculine man tries to tell me that my writings are quite disturbing. What bothers me is the fact that I respected this person more than I should have. Life is more than just stupid dad jokes in trying to get people will call you teacher.

You tried to speak to me as if I was beneath you. That is truly laughable. You sleep, the Earth turns without you. You buried your head in the sand, instead of taking action. You’re a joke. Because if you’re not why are we laughing now?

I told myself that I should say all the things on my mind but X can’t help but be heard when the meds run out. You see, I embrace what and who I am. Because I know I can’t change. Each orange tab with the gel cap can hold me for a while. But I gotta remember that I need to chase it with the big tab at night. Otherwise, it throws it off track.

At times I wonder if my father would have been proud of me. No, he would have said why have you been off your meds for the last two days? What was I even talking about?

Oh, right some pissant that drives Uber and lives on his Mothers couch. Fuck that dude. Hope she takes you for everything, you deserve it, buddy. Talking about my kids was something you shouldn’t have done. They need karate? Not from you. Also, tell your instructors not to fuck the students not a good look. This is the last time I write about this. Thank you for keeping entertained. But I move on. But thanks for the hits. You can this one to your favorite tabs.

Smile for me now.

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