Disney+ and Chill.

It is right in front of you.
  • 1995: Disney buys ABC
  • 2006: Disney buys Pixar
  • 2009: Disney enters 30 film deal with Dreamworks
  • 2009: Disney buys Marvel
  • 2012: Disney buys Lucasfilms
  • 2015: Disney buys National Geographic
  • 2017: Disney buys 21st Century Fox
  • 2018: Disney buys Hulu
  • 2019: Disney releases Disney Plus
  • 2022: Disney buys Universal Studios
  • 2025: Disney buys Dreamworks
  • 2026: Disney buys Sony. Playstation rebranded as Disney Infinity. Playstation Network rebranded as Disney Universe.
  • 2028: Disney attempts to buy Warner Bros, Warner Bros says no.
  • 2028: Disney, tries to buy WB through shell corporations. WB finds out and gets hostile.
  • 2030: Buys Apple. Apple Watch rebranded as the Mickey Watch.
  • 2031: The Church of Baby Yoda is the fastest growing religion in the world.
  • 2031: Disney acquires a private military, starts corporate espionage on a large scale.
  • 2032: Disney storms headquarters of Warner Bros. Few die because of the electronic surveillance provided by the “Apple” products most employees of WB use.
  • 2033: Disney buys DC comics. Mickey Mouse is now more powerful than Superman.
  • 2034: Disney owns the majority of the copyrighted material. Buys off US, EU, and other major powers to honor unlimited copyright for corporate ownership.
  • 2035: Disney buys Microsoft. Disney Universe is now expanded further. Master Chief is now a Disney Princess.
  • 2038: In the midst of negotiations, for takeover, Google launches escape craft. Departs solar system. Destination unknown.
  • 2040: Counter Disney efforts take place. The War on the Black Market starts.
  • 2041: Disney claims that Black Market efforts are headed up by small studios. Starts forced corporate takeovers.
  • 2042: “Terrorist” attacks on Disney starts.
  • 2045: Nuclear explosion destroys Orlando Florida. Black Market Terrorists blamed.
  • 2046: Hollywood turns into a war zone. All releases for the next 10 years are CGI due to die off of actors. Disney “Farms” start to raise next generation of actors.
  • 2050: Disney buys the United States of America
  • 2051: The Disney States of America is born.
  • 2052: Disney nukes Hollywood
  • 2055: Disney States of America annex’s Canada. South Park, an underground resistance to the DSN, releases an episode on the black market deriding the move. It’s #1 most viewed South Park Episode of all time.
  • 2056: Creators of South Park are declared Terrorists. Manhunt starts.
  • 2057: Mexico resists annexation due to the cartels banding together.
  • 2058 – 60: War in Mexico results in eventual annexation. South America becomes hot bed of resistance.
    2061: EU integrates into the DSA. Disney State of the World is born.
  • 2062: The UK joins DSW. BBC is acquired. Doctor Who is now a Disney Princess.
  • 2065: DSW colonizes the Moon.
  • 2067: The Moon has its own government under the DSW. The Disney States of the Universe is born
    -2069: Mars colonization efforts start. Political prisoners used for the initial efforts
  • 2074: The First Mars Civil War starts. Is put down quickly due to orbital strikes
  • 2080: Mars colonization finalized. Disney Land Mars is opened.
  • 2083: First mission to Titan is sent out
  • 2086: Proposal for interstellar mission submitted.
  • 2088: Second Mars Civil War starts.
  • 2090: The Creators of South Park are discovered to be behind the rebellion on Mars. Pluto Team 6 is sent out and they are dispatched.
    2091: Final resistance is quashed. Construction on Deathstar starts.
  • 2092: Total annexation of all remaining world governments is successful except for Switzerland.
  • 2094: First faster than light travel occurs. Exploration of close star systems starts.
  • 2097: Budding civilizations are found. Monoliths are used to “re-educate” the populations. Those planets are Annexed into the DSU.
  • 2100: Disney announces new X-Men movie. Marvel fans are excited.

-Jimmy Dillon

It is right in front of you. But you turn a blind eye. In the name of entertainment. “The Meek shall inherit the earth.”

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