To the moon and back… Fuck outta here!

I’ve been called a toxic individual because of my views and my ability to just say what I’m thinking. At the same time I have tried to keep my opinion when it comes to a public setting because of the way people react in the climate that we live in that we know as 2020.

But one thing I am sick of seeing, sick of hearing, is the phrase I love you to the Moon and back. This is the biggest load of bullshit I have ever experienced in my life. I think it’s overused just like the term love. It’s disingenuine. And everyone add that I have witnessed using this line have had more than one mental issues on their plate.

I think you can express your affection for someone without using this tired line. But if this is the only thing that you can come up with cuz you have no other way to articulate how you feel, buy a dictionary. Get a book of phrases. Use a thesaurus! Better yourself and become more diverse in your speaking.

I understand that this could be difficult considering the planet-wide pandemic. people are no longer able to educate themselves in a school setting. other people are fooling themselves into thinking they can learn online and they’ll be fine. Not everybody has the aptitude to be able to educate themselves online. Even being guided by a teacher through a zoom class is not the same.

Shit today I don’t with a young lady who forgot how to write for a second. Forgot how to write for a second! Her excuse was I haven’t been in school in a while. Are you fucking kidding me?! You’re telling me all the text messages and statuses that you’ve done you forgot how to write on a piece of paper!?

The only thing that made this perfect was her mother looking at her and saying I love you to the Moon and back. This is our fucking future, revel in it.

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