How perrrrfect.

So last night my eldest cat died. He and I had a checkered past at best. When I say checkered past, I mean he used to pee and poop on only my clothing. my ex-wife had a love affair with him because I wasn’t supposed to get him to begin with. You see I rescued him an another cat (Robin RIP) from a shelter. I wanted the other cat but was forced to take him because “we can’t just take one.” Still I was not happy to see him go. Unfortunately because of the time of the day I was not about to bury him because I was tired and also ironically I had just buried a hamster earlier that morning. So I thought to myself he’ll keep until tomorrow.

So I wake up this morning and I remember I’m doing a podcast with psychic Dawn. And we’re actually going to use a Ouija board. So already the spooky factor is up there. But then I remember I have to go bury my cat.

And I look outside… And it’s raining and all I think to myself is you fucked me one more time.