Next Steps….

We sit in the wake of election night. And all we can think of who is the president? At this point there’s still ballots being counted there’s reports of malfunctioning software. But no clear winner. But yet everyone out there who wanted it to be has declared Joe Biden the president.

My issue with this is not the fact that I did not vote for Joe Biden. It’s the way this all panned out. This campaign against the president started four years ago and some days. Before he even took office it was already different things in place to try to keep him from obtaining the office and then ultimately being removed from the office before he even started.

I’d like to thank it’s like that for every single candidate out there but I don’t believe so. For the candidates that are willing to play the game and succumb to a bigger picture of someone else’s vision there’s nothing but legacy.

For the candidates out there who go for presidency win it and do not go the way of this vision are constantly discredited attacked and are demoralized.

I was told that this was an election about human rights. At the same I watched human rights be thrown out the window, by the people who said this. Their rage was their reason. And then I watched a lot of people get hurt. Physically mentally financially hurt. And in the same breath while it was all happening I was reminded that this is because of human Rights, race, religion.

I will sit back and I will watch the circus. I will not give an opinion out for the public courts the verdict on.

At the same time I will not sit back and be attacked for my opinion or my belief system. I was born in the greatest country created. And I truly believe that. When I initially came into inception it may not have been looked at as that but it certainly has become that.

I have no stomach for anybody who disagrees with me on that much. Because this nation that we live in allows you the opportunity to disagree and for that reason alone you can only love and respect it.

Let’s wait and see what happens next I’m sure it will be something that will be recorded incorrectly in the history books.