In the time of Kings and Knights there lived a Wizard. One that was above all the rest. He had many names in his time. The one that most remember that was not lost in time was Merlyn.

­­He was the advisor to the just King Author, of HUGETON. Helping him realizing his dream of becoming King. He would stand by his side through many battles helping Author with a magical edge no one else had.

But all things must end. Merlyn had a dream of his own. He would leave Author and retreat to his Moving Citadel. A place beyond time or even physical touch when he willed it. Here he could see what might be and what would not.

This is where he would shed the name Merlyn and go by his true name of Synnove.

Synnove had great mystical power and a deep understanding of alchemy. He would try to use it to keep the balance between Good and Evil. But this would not always be the way because even a mighty Wizard can be tempted.

In his travels Synnove came across the story of The Great Ape Pangea. The story that had been lost to most of the Earth. It is temptation of the one true source of power that is connected to the planet itself. Is it true? How could one tap into such power?

What was the key to getting him to connect? Looking into the story, the one thing that kept coming to him was the Light and the Dark. It was staring him in the face. He needed to create, his own avatars of the two.

Synnove felt that this would give him the key to Pangea. To create the avatars, he would first collect the body of a fallen soldier, from the Spartan army. Strong, loyal never ending will. Synnove would use his alchemy and a bit of necromancy to reanimate the man.

He would add other elements of the best people. Kindness of a child, the wisdom of an Elder Wizard that was bonded to the Earth after he had passed. And the innocence of a baby. This is how he would create his version of The Light.

To create his Darkness, he used horn, Anger, Claw and spilled blood. These things were put into the body of a Murder, a Rapist. The evilest of men he could find.

Looking hard throw his volumes he was able to find an incantation that would bring this beast to life. For some reason he was not able to use the same technique to bring him to reanimation. He would have to be darker in his act to bring him to life. Synnove would spill the blood of a baby on the body and begin chanting. This looked to be what it needed, because it sat up.

Through these two children he will be able to tap into Pangea’s great power and become a God. Synnove knew that doing this there could be traces of their past lives in their parts. This was a risk he would gladly take. The risk was going to be more than worth the reward.

Synnove Named the first he created Foxxus. Because he found him to be cunning from first breathe. He also showed to be everything that Synnove was hoping that he would be.

Synnove wanted Foxxus to be dressed similar to the Spartans that he was made from. But to do so he would need armor. No simple armor would do. He would need something magical, strong and not of this world.

So Synnove opened a portal to a different dimension. From there he was able to take metal from the ground of this place. It was unlike anything man had ever seen.

Synnove was no blacksmith. He would need to find someone skilled enough to shape this metal and be discreet about its purpose. Synnove did find such a man across the sea, in a small village not yet touched by the rest of the world.

Synnove brought a giant bolder him. It took the Smith a month to create what Synnove wanted. The wizard said, “You tamed this Utopian ORE as if it was a beast and you were its master.

You are like a Tiger with your skill. That is what I will call you. From this moment on you will be known as The Tiger Smyth.

Come with me and join me there are powerful things coming. The Smyth said that he was not meant to be more than what he was.

You may keep what you did not use as a reward for the job you have done. Heed my words Tiger Smyth you have a destiny that is great and will span the annals of time itself.”

With that Synnove took his leave.

The second creation was bigger than the first. Synnove gave him the name Elderon. He seemed as if he were not as dark as he thought he would be. In fact, he seemed quite pleasant. This seemed to be a failure for his experiment.

Synnove never one to accept a failure decided to create a purpose for his children. As he came to call them. Something that could push them to where he needed to be to make this work. Something that was out of the ordinary.

Synnove found what he considered a breakthrough in his quest for the Power of Pangaea. The power was linked to different bloodlines. To start gathering the power he would have to determine who they we are.

Studying birthdates and star alinements he saw the pattern of who would be key to collecting his prize. The issue then became how would he take the power? Then he realized the only have he would be able to take something this that was a blood right would be to consume them.

While in a village to drink a pint of ale as he did when he could not figure out a truly puzzling dilemma. How to do it and not be outed as a monster? He asked himself. Then it came to him when he heard some of the Villagers talking about a Saint Nicolas.

This is how he would kill two birds with one stone. He would push his children in the direction he needed, and he would be able to conceal his true actions.