Luke 4:24

Robert Scott,

Just so we’re both clear the uWc was created because of poor booking decisions of talent that could have been so much more, but held back.

Depending on who you ask the involvement with this faction that has span so many years, has either helped or hurt people’s careers.

Some talent got more opportunities to get to the of companies because of their involvement.

Others would be quoted UWC 4 NOW instead of uWc4Life. And with that train of thought they would slip away.

I’ve been accused of only being able to do this “Gimmick”. It is not a gimmick for me it has never been a gimmick.

It is a real take on our sport that started in 2004 for me. And no matter how many near slighted Promoter can yell “None of that uWc Shit here!” It is not what their fans are saying.

I ask you this, with the ever changing cogs in the machine how come the uWc has been the most durable?

Why do the ticket buyer loudly ask for this?

Why do the Promoters turn their heads in disgust?

Luke 4:24 I’m not a religious man by standard definition. But this passage has always fit in this discussion.