Who Doesn’t Watch Football?

We live in Western, NY- Buffalo Bills country. You cannot avoid football in this area, whether its seeing all the merchandise in your local Wegmans grocery store or a co-worker talking about Sunday’s game.

Each year, as the football season comes to an end, I say to myself “next year I should pick a team and start watching the games so I can join in on all the football talk”. The next season rolls around, and at the end of the season, I tell myself “I should pick a team next year…”

A couple weeks ago Tyger and I were driving back from the Ohio Ren Faire and, somehow, we got to discussing football (neither of us watch). Tyger looks at me and says, “We should choose and team and that can be our family team”, I of course said, “funny you should say that, cause every year I say to myself…”

We went back and forth about which team we would choose. We could go with the obvious choice, The Vikings…

OR we could choose Tyger’s choice, The Bengals…

OR we could choose the Ravens, cause…purple is my favorite color and that is one badass looking bird in the logo….

I mean how else does one choose a team? But Tyger insisted it was too late to choose a team this year. I protested, saying it’s early in the season. The conversation ended.

Two days later, we found ourselves sitting at a local bar…talking about choosing a team. Tyger gave in agreed to do it. We decided to put some team names in a cup and asked the bartender to decide our fate. But what teams do we choose from. Tyger entered The Bengals into the mix and we both agreed to write The Vikings on a slip of paper. But what would be my choice? I googled a list of NFL teams. I scrolled through the list. We both saw The Philadelphia Eagles, and both agreed that we love the city. The Eagles ended up on the next slip of paper.

The bartender drew and it was The Eagles. I was secretly hoping it would be The Vikings. We looked at each other, clearly not satisfied. I said, “Okay best of three and hopefully it’s not a tie”. The bartender drew again, this time it was The Bengals. She drew again, it was The Eagles. Tyger exclaimed “Well that’s our family team. Yay!” I said ” I don’t know the name of even one player on that team. I know nothing”. The bartended looked at us and said, “well if it makes you feel any better, they’re undefeated so far”. Tyger and I looked at each other and smiled. Tyger announced “we’re gonna get heat for this. Watch”

If you’re friends with either of us on FB, you can check out the post announcing this phase of our relationship. The short of it is, people think we just jumped on the bandwagon. Nope…we did what any family does and drew a name out of a cup. Screw the Bills!