Just who in the Blue Hell is Pinky Chippendales??!!

Before he was putting 2 in the pink he had some really humble beginnings.

He started his journey to the ring, in the wild backyards of Buffalo NY. Where he found title glory. But what is that worth? To some everything. He got to a point where there was nothing left for him to do there. It was time for him to do more, and prove more.

He began training with The Tyger’s Den Pro Wrestling Training. Here he started getting and understanding of the wrestling business. He also started training with NCW. He would start working as a Referee all over the north east.

Then there was an accident. Where he almost lost his eye.

This didn’t stop him. In fact it kept him going. He determinate to keep refing and to wrestle.

Then he would get a shot to show his home town what he could do. NCW in Buffalo was at a music festival, and was given the opportunity to showcase it stuff. But no one was ready for him…

He started working on school shows at the NCW COMPOUND.

He would find himself in a feud with a wrestler named “Thriller” over The Compound Championship.

It took a lot of turns and twists but Pinky made it in NCW. So what now?

Fuck up Shadokat. This kid has hope. Maybe he needs to face his original teacher to truly test himself.