This is hard. It’s always hard when one of your heroes pass. But this Legend shaped how Batman would be seen for generations. In a cartoon that was to be right after Batman Returns. That is why the Penguin and Catwoman looked the way they did.

Batman the Animated Series would surpass the next two movies that would come out after it’s birth, Batman Forever and Batman and Robin. Conroy had such feeling in his voice he made Batman feel real. This could not be said with many of it’s successors.

You would see Batman and expect to he his voice. Not since Michael Keaton has there ever been another man that people would say oh that’s Batman.

BTAS was something special for my son and I. We watched the series over and over. Then when the Justice League cartoons came out we would watch them. Please don’t forget Batman Beyond!

He was Batman in the Arkham video games. He also was in the Arrowverse crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths. Where he got to play a live action Batman.

I will never forget what he meant to my childhood, my son’s childhood. Now my daughter has started to ask to watch it. She he will touch yet another life.

Thank you Kevin you will never be forgotten.