The Next chapter in my story

My story has been a wild one. Now it’s time for the next chapter. This year I have “Retired” from Professional Wrestling. 25 years of my life. Many great memories and many horrible ones. Met a few Brothers, and many more Carneys. Will I miss it? Some what. But a couple events happened that made it a lock for me saying it was time.

The first one happened last year where I was going to help out at a local show. I was going to help my Brother Titus with ring crew. You see for some reason a few years ago it had been allowed to let young boys and locals to not show up at time. When I was coming up this was not ok. You would lose your spot. But we’re in the era of where everyone is a superstar. No real consequences happen. I’ve seen this first had at every show I’ve been involved with since a few years after I started.

I was on my way to the show when I got a call from Titus. He was not going to be able to make it to the show at all. He wanted to let me know so I wasn’t thrown off. He expected me to cancel because he wasn’t going to be there. I said no way. You needed help with ring crew and I know that hasn’t changed. Hell they would need more help because Titus wasn’t going to make it.

When I got to the prementioned venue at the time I was told 9am, no one was there. It was a rec center that had other events going. I entered and asked the first person I saw. They were under the impression that it didn’t start for hours. This news did not sit well with me. Because I was the only worker here.

When I went out to the parking lot I saw another car with a young boy that knew who I was. I asked what time was the ring was coming? He thought it was coming at 9:30am. So far not off to a great start. 10am rolled around and some vets showed up. It was good to see them, but still no ring. They thought it was coming at 10am as well.

10:45 the ring finally came. The “Promoter” said hello to the vets that had showed up. I was standing next to them and for some reason he turned his back to, me when I stuck my hand out. I looked at one of the vets and he had a look on his face like oh man.

The only thing I could think of why he would act like this was he thought I was looking for a spot. He must not had known that I was doing a favor for Titus. Still not a reason for him not to have a lack of manners. So I began to start moving ring parts. They had us put the parts in a side room because other events we’re running a little longer than they were supposed to.

We had about half of the ring in this room and then they said ok we can move it to the other one. I wasn’t thrilled. But what made it worse was I saw a lot of young boys hanging out in an a joining room, while the vets started moving parts. No was saying anything.

I started to moving the parts and this was not sitting well with me. I would stop helping and told the “Promoter” I was going to leave. He said thank you for the help. As I was leaving all I could think was this is not something I want to be apart of. The disrespect and laziness. The fact that the young boys were able to do this without consequence. To this day I can’t remember a “Promoter” ever treating me like that. Not even the ones that hate me.

This month I happen to be in the area of one of the local schools. It is in a mall and it was getting to closing time. I was walking in front of it and the gate was down. I saw a former partner and a trainer for the school just standing next to the ring talking. I said hi I kept hearing about the school and I thought I would stop by and say hi. The trainer looked in my direction and said yeah we’re closed. Then turned back to my former partner and kept talking.

I was taken back. Because of the fact that I was brushed off like a mark and my former partner didn’t even come over to at least fist bump me. Nothing. I stood in shock for longer than I should have. Then I walked away.

I was pretty hot about this because of the relationship that me and my former partner have. Or at the very lease thought we had. The more I thought about it I stop being mad. I was ok with it. This was toxic behavior. Why did I need this in my life? I don’t. Hell if anyone else is feeling this way I urge them to take the steps they need to, so they don’t.

I am looking forward to what I have to come.