What started as a wrestling faction, has evolved into a multi-faceted Entertainment Production company. Wrestling has and will always be one of our driving forces, but we are not defined by just that.

We have the longest running Podcast in Western New York. We can be found on iHEARTRADIO, Spreaker.com, itunes and many more.

We have BEEN? All over! We have been and are involved with different Comic Cons and festivals all over the North East. That being said we have been in the process of creating an original graphic novel starring 2Sic Tyger Smith and many other familiar names.

We also produce Blogs, under the Blog Log, to get you thinking and seeing things from a different prospective.

We have also have one of the largest clothing collections for sale in this area.

We also have produced and are producing original webisode content. To entertain not just wrestling fans. Located under the uWc Tv tab.

We have our own Social Network, uWc Social. So we can stay close to fans.

We have used some of the fore mentioned outlets to engage in charity work as well. Trying to give back, because it’s FOR THE GREATER GOOD.

Enjoy your visit to uWc4life.com