This is the official UnderWorld Cartel site. The best way to keep up with the underground moment. Being the voice for those who do not have their own. It’s for the greater good.

Tyger Smith started his Pro Wrestling journey in 2000. He would be trained by HC Loc of ECW/ROH fame. He would engage in training seminars with greats like Al Snow, Tony Mamaluke and Chip Stedson. Tyger would work for companies such as: Roc City Wrestling, Old School Pro Wrestling, Next Era Wrestling, Maximum Force Wrestling, Independent Championship Wrestling, Nwa Upstate, Fighters Passion Wrestling, World War Wrestling, Ruff Wrestling International, Revival Championship Wrestling, World Wrestling Coalition, Busted Knuckle Wrestling.
He would work with notable wrestlers such as: WWE Hall of Famers Super Fly Jimmy Snuka, Tito Santana, The Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase, Brutus the Barber Beefcake, Tommy Dreamer(ECW/WWE/TNA), Raven(ECW/WCW/WWE/TNA), The Sandman(ECW/WWE), Rhyno(ECW/WWE/TNA), Nunzio(ECW,WWE,ROH), 2Cold Scorpio(ECW,WCW,WWE), Balls Mahoney(ECW,WWE,CZW), Trent Acid(CZW/ROH), Jerrell Clark(TNA), HC Loc(ECW/ROH), Homicide(ROH/TNA) Hernadez(TNA/Lucha underground).

Tyger the Founded The uWc in 2004 as part of a Pro Wrestling group. After becoming one of the biggest groups in western New York history. He has an accomplish winning 4 Heavy Weight titles, 1 North American championship, 1 Western New York championship, 3 Tag Team titles and 2 Tap Out titles(one reign lasting 574 days, the longest singles title reign in WNY history). He has also won different awards such as:
Tyger has also combated in the main event of StickFighting World. A mixed Weapons Martial Arts league against Gentleman John Lehman. This fight would get Tyger inducted in the Hall of Heroes, for the U.S.A. Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

Tyger decided to expand the brand. Tyger would also start up a clothing line to push The uWc. Tyger is also currently working on a novel called “2Sic Tyger Smith: The Art of Pro Wrestling War.” Tyger is also illustrating and writing a comic book called “NorthEast City Presents:”.

MC Work- Tyger Smith and T4nk had MCed several different events at Monroe Community College, helping different clubs and organization, raise funds for many different events. The two also ran a very beloved radio show, named TNXBOMBSQUAD. Tyger won DJ of the year at the station. T4nk and Tyger won event of the year voted by MCC for Fusestock. They would continue this show on iheartradio, becoming one of the first in the western New York area. They can also be found on iTunes, spreaker.com and many other platforms as The uWcNetwork, Our productions have been considered out of the box thinking. We refuse to be limited to the idea that you can’t do that because you’re doing this.

The uWcNetWork podcasts houses many different shows all running off the same channel. The Network has seen many different people as co-hosts, but the one constant is the CEO Tyger Smith. His unorthodox style of interviewing makes his guests feel comfortable and engaged in the conversation. The most notable co-stars are Angel Smith, T4nk and Dan Macchio.

Through the different shows they have interviewed Actors such as: Billy West (Futurama, Ren N Stimpy, Doug, The Red M&M), Austin St. John(The Red Power Ranger), Walter E. Jones(The Black Power Ranger), Steve Cardenas (Second Red Power Ranger), David Fielding(Zordon of Power Rangers), Ming Chen and Mike Zapcic (The Comic Book Men), Lloyd Kaufman (Troma Films such as Toxic Avenger), Tim McCormack (Star trek Next Generation), Alaina Huffman (Smallville, Super Natural, Pain Killer Jane), Vic Mignogna of (Full Metal Alchemist, Dragon Ball Z, Star Trek the Legend continues), J.G. Hertzler (Star Trek), Simon Fisher-Becker (Dr. Who, Harry Potter, Countless BBC shows), Brimstone (former Pro Wrestler, “Hound Comics” CEO, Sesame Street), Ari Lehman the first Jason of Friday the 13th.

Most notable Artist we have interviewed: Alex Saliuk (artist of the Spider-man News Paper comic strip), Mark McKenna (Marvel and DC Comics fame), Ken Hunt (Comic Artist), Dan Curto (Topps Trading artist for Star wars), Rick Stromoski (creator of Soup to Nuts), Eugene Commodore, Rob Dumo, Jeff Perdziak, Nigel Carrington (artist and creator of Anthill), Sal Otero, Griffin Addams, Ali Soloman (comic book artist), Dan Ross (“Art to Zen Tattoo”), Shawn Conn (Tattoo and Horror Comic Artist).
Must notable Cosplayers: Victoria Avalor, 501 Legion, The Rochester Ghostbusters, Gideon Furry, Dutches Von Dawson, Alanaleilani.

Most notable Musicians: Kount C (rapper, RochesterRap.com), Micheal Joseph Blood (lead singer of Impalement), Dreadful Operator(rapper), The One (rapper, show promoter and all round Hustler), Meink Millions (rapper, show promoter, Meinkmillions.com).

Most notable Athletes: Colin Delaney (pro wrestler ECW, WWE, ROH, CZW), The Notorious 187 Homicide (pro wrestler TNA, ROH, CZW), Matt Irons (former fighter for Stick Fighting World), Dick Justice (pro wrestler CZW), Missy Sampson (pro wrestler), Mad Dog Bobby Rodgers (pro wrestling manager), Madness of Trip (pro wrestler), Eric Emanon (pro wrestler), Marc Huass (pro wrestler ROH), Mr. Perez (former pro wrestling manager), Hell Cat (pro wrestler NWA Upstate), Gabreal Saint (former pro wrestler NWA Upstate), Son of Thunder Deacon (pro wrestler OSPW), Steve Kruz (pro wrestler 2CW), Chip Stetson (pro wrestler NWA Upstate), Evan McCloud (former pro wrestler NWA Upstate), Brian Emanon (bodybuilder, former pro wrestler NEW, OSPW), Rob “IB Green” Cook (pro wrestler 2CW), Angel Smith (former pro wrestling manager), Chance Taylor (former pro wrestler NEW, OSPW), Kriptic Keegan (former pro wrestler OSPW, NEW), Dain The Pain Jacobs (pro wrestler OSPW), Krazy Chris Kniveal (pro wrestler NEW, OSPW), Bone Crusher Mandingo (pro wrestler OSPW), Cassius Cutcher (pro wrestler OSPW, NEW), Titus Smith (former pro wrestler OSPW, NEW), Michael McKinger (pro wrestler NEW, OSPW), Dewey (pro wrestler NAW Upstate), Robert Ezekyo (former pro wrestler NEW, OSPW), Damion Lucas (former pro wrestler OSPW, NEW).

Most notable psychics/mediums/and paranormal investigators: Lena (“Readings by Lena” medium), Dawn (medium)

Most notable Adult Entertainers: Jaiden (dancer), Lolita Lush and Sweet Syonide (Sirens & Stilettos a burlesque dance troupe), RAVE and Aimee Rockstar (Rockstar GOGO), Katie and Cassie (Beauties of Buffalo Burlesque Troupe), Pout (dancer/model).

Youtube is the home for many different videos and projects that the uWc have done throughout the years. You will find Pro wrestling videos, informative cooking shows, mixology, crude and low brow humor and random commentary.

CON-COPS is when the uWc are brought in to be high level security for VIPs at conventions and events. Some of the past guests were under the watchful eye and protection of the CON-COPS have been Lou Frerrigno (The Incredible Hulk), Nichelle Nickels (Star Trek, Heroes), Marina Sirtis (Star Trek the Next Generations, Gargoyles), Billy West (Futurama, Ren N Stimpy, Doug, The Red M&M), Steve Cardenas (Second Red Power Ranger), David Fielding(Zordon of Power Rangers), Ming Chen and Mike Zapcic (The Comic Book Men), Naomi Grossmen (American Horror Story), Tim McCormack (Star Trek the Next Generation), Vic Mignogna of (Full Metal Alchemist, Dragon Ball Z, Star Trek the Legend continues), J.G. Hertzler (Star Trek), Simon Fisher-Becker (Dr. Who, Harry Potter, Countless BBC shows), Brimstone (former Pro Wrestler, “Hound Comics” CEO, Sesame Street) Kel Mitchell (All That, Kenan and Kel, Game Shakers, Good Burger), Felix Silia (Star Wars, The Addams Family, Buck Rogers), Ona Grauer (Archer), Todd Haberkorn (Star Trek Continues, Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir), Erica Schroeder (YU-GI-OH, Astonishing X-Men), Veronica Taylor (Pokemon), David Yost (The Blue Power Ranger), Glen Morshower (X-Men: First Class, X Files, Transformers: The Last Knight).