#Take It Deep: Is this the end?

I have been gone from the front line of Western NY Wrestling since November 2019, at UnderWorld Champions 3. I have been asked where have I been by true fans. People that claimed to be friends have sunk back into the mist. What happened? Where did I go? Why am I not blasting the internet… Continue reading #Take It Deep: Is this the end?

#TAKEITDEEP, UnderWorld Champions


So recently the question of am I the face of the UnderWorld Champions product was bought up on Turn buckle Talk Radio. A podcast featured on the GERE NETWORK. Where Cyclone Jones challenged the idea if I was not the face for the fact that I am in the main event. I could understand this… Continue reading #TAKEITDEEP: THE FACE


State of the UWC in NCW

  Okay, I need to clear up some questions fans and wrestlers had at this past show. We entered that match with the mindset of it being exactly what it was billed as, the final chapter.   But instead, it was our platform getting highjacked by The Rent Collection Agency. We, The uWc are not… Continue reading State of the UWC in NCW


DCEU Theory

So I was thinking about how to make sense of this thing to me. This is not official by any means. In fact, it is linking many different properties to make it work. Start with This is the foundation. Even though it's not supposed to connect but come on. This is what started the trip.… Continue reading DCEU Theory