Next Steps….

We sit in the wake of election night. And all we can think of who is the president? At this point there's still ballots being counted there's reports of malfunctioning software. But no clear winner. But yet everyone out there who wanted it to be has declared Joe Biden the president. My issue with this … Continue reading Next Steps….


"You see the old way wasn't working so it's on us to do What we gotta do, to survive." 2Pac Everything in my life has changed. I feel it has been done for the better. I am changing how I'm doing things from this point. Podcasting, Videos, clothing. I am entering the underground. Because the … Continue reading Changing

Disney+ and Chill.

It is right in front of you. 1995: Disney buys ABC2006: Disney buys Pixar2009: Disney enters 30 film deal with Dreamworks2009: Disney buys Marvel2012: Disney buys Lucasfilms2015: Disney buys National Geographic2017: Disney buys 21st Century Fox2018: Disney buys Hulu2019: Disney releases Disney Plus2022: Disney buys Universal Studios2025: Disney buys Dreamworks2026: Disney buys Sony. Playstation rebranded … Continue reading Disney+ and Chill.