Living In Fear

Living a lie,Wondering why.Walking alone,Thinking oh my,This world.The world we live in,Such a scary place. Turn around once,Danger there.Turn around twice,Even more danger here.No matter the turn,No matter the destination.We all,Are living in fear.From the streets,To shelters.To even our own homes. Hey there everyone of the uWc network. I wanna apologize in advance for slacking … Continue reading Living In Fear

You’re Annoying

Your voice,Your presence.I hate you,Yes you.You're annoying,The words,That come out of,Your mouth.God doesn't like ugly,But you?Your actions,Your words,Everything you do.Makes you ugly,I hate you.As well as other's,Most likely do.What about you?Do you like you?I would hope,You do.Gosh i hate you,You're annoying,Nobody likes you. Hey there y'all ! everyone of the uWc Network. how is everyone … Continue reading You’re Annoying

The Eyes

Starring and looking,Just getting lost.Not sure of the feeling,Wondering what's going on.As you look in to the eyes,Eyes of whom?As you keep looking,You take a step back.Those eyes,You wish to see good.But all you see,Is pure evil.Feeling a terrible vibe,As you try to step away.Yet he grabs you,And looks you,Dead in the eyes.Frightened with fear,You … Continue reading The Eyes

Day Dreaming

Looking around,Seeing the tree's.Hearing the birds,Listening to the laughter.Looking forward,Not seeing to clear.Thinking hard,As the sounds start to drift.Looking beyond the tree's,Seeing him.Thinking whoa! This can't be real.There is just no way,As he starts walking closer.His image gets bolder,Still looking ahead.He walks past,As i stand there.Looking foolish,Blank stare as others look.Someone snapping there fingers,As i … Continue reading Day Dreaming