In Silence

Laying here, In the dark. Trying to sleep, But yet i weep. Hearing myself cry, But everyone, Seems to walk by. Can they not hear me? I must be alone. At least that is, What i feel. The sound starts to drift, As i lay here. In the darkness, Continuing to weep. Not a sound … Continue reading In Silence

It’s Okay

Its okay, Im not your first choice. Its okay, Im not your second. Not even your last, But I'll say this, I had a blast. It's okay, I'm a little hurt. But I'll be okay, So don't worry about me. It's okay, Life is life. Things happen, People drift. Its okay, Im used to it. … Continue reading It’s Okay

My Feelings

Being alone, Trapped in my thoughts. Crying like i'm dying, Wishing it would stop. The room gets darker, As do the thoughts. The darker, The evil. My feelings, What are those? They stay getting hurt, So why feel. I don't think i can, i'll just put a ban on them. The feelings, Inside and out. … Continue reading My Feelings

His Touch

The feeling, Lips touching. Bodies together, Creating life. His hand, In hers. As they move, Together, As one. His touch, Her glow. There they go, Off in the moonlight. In to the daylight, Soaring. Tragedy strikes, As his touch does. She falls, As he laughs. He chases, As she runs. Wiping tears, As they fall. … Continue reading His Touch


Glass breaking, The mirror shattering. Life falling, To pieces. Trying hard, To pick them up. Bones broken, But more of, Hearts. Life crumbling, We're all falling. Pain circulating, As the broken pieces, Fall to the ground. Trying to move on, Trying to pick up the pieces. Everything, So broken. Not able to be fixed, What … Continue reading Broken

The War

Worlds colide, Paths are crossed. Trouble ahead, Trouble to come. Joining together, Planning to stop it, The trouble ahead Things getting intense, Fists being thrown. Tensions, Are arising. The war hasn't ended, Its just beginning. Hey hey hey hello ladies and gents of the uwc network!!! Now this isn't a very long poem here. Its … Continue reading The War