Never enough

Waiting,Yet so patiently.Still nothing,So i sit.Twiddle my thumbs,Then ask myself,Am i enough?Is my body,My face,Even my hair..Good enough atleast?Those thoughts,Run deep.But yet here i stay,Still waiting.For him to say,You are enough.Wishing it could be,Soon,But i try to be patient.All though,My patience?Turns into impatience.So the more i sit,The more i wonder.The more impatient,I become.So maybe,Just maybe,You … Continue reading Never enough

Going Insane

I'm slowly losing it,Help me before it happens.What you ask?Just think,When things happen,Oh so often,You tend to lose it,Your mind,Your sanity in general.So help,Help before i lose it.I am slowly,But surely going insane.So much drama,So much chaos.I don't know how much,How much more my mind,Can really take.Leave me alone?No?oh okay,So you want me,To not be … Continue reading Going Insane

A Writer’s Mind

When writing,Depending the situation.We all tend to,Get blockage.What really,Goes through the mind,Of a writer.Is it happy thought's?or is it sad?it's tough to say,For i myself,Am a writer.My mind?Tends to go places,Places beyond the present.Trying not to focus,On the bad at hand.But to focus,On the creativeness.A writer's mind,Can be blown away.When the word's,Just flow.And beauty come's … Continue reading A Writer’s Mind


Feeling annoyed,Every word.Every thought,Just everything.I don't wish,To hear it.Just shut up,Please?No?Ok fine.Just know,That you yourself.Are the annoyance,The annoyance in,My life.Please,Just shut it.Nobody wants,To hear it. Not me,Not he.Not even we,You will forver be,The annoyance.Until the day,You take,Your last breath.Hey there everyone of the uWc network, i know the site has had a bit to more … Continue reading Annoyance

Be Aware

Paying attention, Looking at actions. Isolation, One of the main worries. One of the main, Actions. Actions to look for, In a person. Strangeness, In the demeanor. Sadness, Tears lots of them. Those, Pay attention. Some people just smile, To mask it all. But what you ask? The sadness. The depression, The hurt. Then what … Continue reading Be Aware