Looking at her, Looking at that body. Thoughts rolling, As he proceeds. She looks back, At him. Smiling, As he approaches. His gentle touch, Leaving a tingle. A sensation in her body, Not many but him, Can leave. She looks him, In the eyes, Gently caressing his body. As they move, And the lights go … Continue reading Seduction

But Why

Why me? Why this? I don't deserve this. What have i done? Im just, Living. Doing me, Trying to survive. Yet i get this, This pain. Im young, Maybe not that, Successful. But I'm trying, Trying to succeed. And, Accomplish. But things like this, This pain.. Are really, Slowing me down. But why? Why me? … Continue reading But Why

Hey Look

Hey man, Look. It ain't me, It ain't he. So why blame thee? I get it, You're mad. You're upset, But hey look. Thing's happen, But why? Who knows, I don't. Do you? Maybe so. Hey look, Relax a little. And see, Where things go. From here, To even there. Just keep looking, Looking ahead. … Continue reading Hey Look