uWc The Vault Vol. 12

https://videopress.com/v/Hdb8KjZ7 https://videopress.com/v/9tiQPk8s https://videopress.com/v/S27DImQK https://videopress.com/v/k70CVKWM https://videopress.com/v/VsZaU6X4 https://videopress.com/v/cxhI61bm https://videopress.com/v/skINOpfB https://videopress.com/v/l8CRs1NX


Team F-View return to NEW pseudo Heroes. Both members JC Money and Tyger Smith fired and or banned from Buffalo. Still holding their respective titles they decide to open the show addressing the fans letting them know how it was. Little did they know they would be interrupted by a returning Mat Bomboy. Aftermath Bomboy … Continue reading TEAM F-VIEW