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    Tyger Smith - "Am I the only person that goes to ThirstTOK and watches with the sound off? I mean come on what’s the point? Bounce bounce to the same song and ask for the OnlyFans sub."View
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    Positive Panda - "Can someone please explain how to upload a profile pic? @2sictygersmith"View
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    ifwnews - "Season 7 is in the books. Only Destruction Matters won the Eagle Man belt! Season 8 will draft the second week in January! I can’t wait!!!! CAAAAAAWWWWWWW"View
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    kiddsmokey98 - "Got a collab album coming out soon! Hope you all are excited for it!!! If y’all support me, here’s a link to my new EP Visions! Check it out!!!"View
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    Aaron Flood - "Tell us what you are going to be for halloween this year. We want to know!"View
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    VENORA - "Can’t wait to get my zombie on tonight….happy spooky season everyone!"View
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