Randi Stewart

  • Being alone,

    Trapped in my thoughts.

    Crying like i’m dying,

    Wishing it would stop.

    The room gets darker,

    As do the thoughts.

    The darker,

    The evil.

    My feelings,

    What are those?

    They stay getting […]

  • Stressed out,

    Wishing it would end.

    Why put me,

    Through this?

    Im over it.

    Over the drama,

    Definitely the trauma.

    Im over it,

    The blame game,

    All of your games.

    Im just over it,

    Let it be.

    Because i […]

  • The feeling,

    Lips touching.

    Bodies together,

    Creating life.

    His hand,

    In hers.

    As they move,


    As one.

    His touch,

    Her glow.

    There they go,

    Off in the moonlight.

    In to the […]

  • Forgive me y’all i haven’t posted anything. Been sick the last 2 days now 😭

  • As i look up,

    Tears fall.

    The thought of you,

    Makes me ball.


    You were here.

    Wondering why.

    Why did you leave?

    Thats one question,

    I’ll never,

    Get the answer to.

    So here i stand,

    Looking […]

  • Another one of them days man 😒

  • Glass breaking,

    The mirror shattering.

    Life falling,

    To pieces.

    Trying hard,

    To pick them up.

    Bones broken,

    But more of,


    Life crumbling,

    We’re all falling.

    Pain circulating,

    As the broken […]

  • New poem dropping at 9:30 be on the lookout.

  • Today is just seriously one of them days 😒

  • Worlds colide,

    Paths are crossed.

    Trouble ahead,

    Trouble to come.

    Joining together,

    Planning to stop it,

    The trouble ahead

    Things getting intense,

    Fists being thrown.


    Are arising.

    The war […]

  • Everyday

    there is something.
    We all go through it,
    Whether its with family,
    Or the biggest thing of all.
    It is the route of all evil.
    It is the number one struggle.
    People […]

  • New poem being posted at 8:30 be on the lookout!!

  • I feel it through me.
    Not the best,
    Definitely not,
    The greatest.
    What’s on my mind?
    Will I be here?
    Today, tomorrow.
    Next month, next year.
    I don’t know.
    Only they know,
    My mind fills.
    With worry,
    I feel […]

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  • I cry at night,
    Wishing I can see light.
    Why me?
    I just want to feel right.
    I feel like I’m dieing.
    But I won’t.
    I lay here crying,
    People tell me don’t.
    What else can I do?
    Besides lay here,
    And cry.
    I can’t […]

  • Randi Stewart wrote a new post, Ashes 3 months ago


    Turning to dust.

    The flame goes out,

    As the ash falls.

    Thinking of the memory,

    Of what you once were.

    Lighting another match,

    Watching the flame burn.

    Wishing to go back,

    Looking […]

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    New blog post at 8:30! Be on the look out! 😉 #poetrycorner

  • I hit you up,

    No answer.

    He or she hits you up,

    They get an answer.

    So in reality,

    I must be a bothersome,

    To you.

    Thats okay,

    I can catch hints,

    When thrown easily.

    Its okay,

    Not many speak to […]

  • Breaking bones,

    Shattering skulls.

    Diving in,

    Rolling through.

    Hitting the turnbuckle,

    Cracking your knuckles.

    Rolling them up,

    Getting submissive.

    Trying not to tap,

    As the hold,

    Gets tighter.

    Ropes […]

  • Clouds moving together,

    As the sadness sinks in.

    Evil lurking,

    Trying to take over you.

    Fighting the evil,

    But the darkness,

    Hides the positivity.

    Sitting there,


    Thinking why?

    Looking up to the […]

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