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  • Randi Stewart wrote a new post, Seduction 2 weeks ago

    Looking at her,

    Looking at that body.

    Thoughts rolling,

    As he proceeds.

    She looks back,

    At him.


    As he approaches.

    His gentle touch,

    Leaving a tingle.

    A sensation in her body,

    Not many but […]

  • Randi Stewart posted an update 2 weeks ago

    New poem tonight? Why not. Stay tuned

  • Why me?

    Why this?

    I don’t deserve this.

    What have i done?

    Im just,


    Doing me,

    Trying to survive.

    Yet i get this,

    This pain.

    Im young,

    Maybe not that,


    But I’m trying,

    Trying to […]

  • No,

    Is the word.

    Please no,

    Are the words,

    That i say.

    Do they listen?


    Same word,

    That i use.


    Why wont you,

    And you over there,

    Just listen.

    For once,

    Just let it be.

    What is meant to […]

  • Hey man,


    It ain’t me,

    It ain’t he.

    So why blame thee?

    I get it,

    You’re mad.

    You’re upset,

    But hey look.

    Thing’s happen,

    But why?

    Who knows,

    I don’t.

    Do you?

    Maybe so.

    Hey look,

    Relax a […]

  • Randi Stewart wrote a new post, Should I? 4 weeks ago

    Thinking out loud,


    I could make you,


    Looking around,

    Getting to you.

    Yet you still,

    Say nothing.

    It’s like im on the edge,

    In the word’s of NF.

    Im sorry that i let,

    You down.

    The […]

  • Randi Stewart posted an update 4 weeks ago

    Stay tuned for a new poem at midnight … #poetrycorner

  • If only you knew,

    What you really do.

    Your words,

    Your actions.

    And what those,

    Honestly do.

    If only you knew,

    What i go through.

    But yet you,

    Don’t speak.

    You don’t check,

    Not even a […]

  • I’m hurting,

    Not simple hurt.

    Not physical,

    More like..


    Its rough to explain,

    But here i shall.

    Shall try to explain,

    The strain on me.

    Im hurting,

    From deep within me.

    Words can be […]

  • That little face,

    I just love.

    You yourself,

    Are tiny.

    My little guy,

    My nephew.

    When i look at you,

    I can’t help it,

    But be happy.

    I could be,

    In the worst mood.

    Until i look,

    Look at […]

  • An image or thought,

    Could have brought,

    That aching feeling.

    The one that you feel,

    In your chest,

    Your head,

    And your eyes.

    No matter where,

    You will feel it.

    Whether it be physical,

    Or even […]

  • Randi Stewart posted a new activity comment 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    Can be impossible sometimes

  • When you look,

    In the mirror.

    What do you see?

    Do you see yourself?

    Can you see,

    The reflection.

    Who are you?

    What are you.

    Say it to yourself.

    I am strong,

    I am beautiful.

    I can get through […]

  • Randi Stewart wrote a new post, Heat 2 months ago

    Sweat pouring,

    Dripping down.

    So many thoughts,

    Just drowning.

    Bodies moving,

    Souls crashing.

    Heat rising,

    Temperatures dropping.

    Clouds closing in,

    Rain starts to fall.

    As it drips,

    Lips touch.

    Heat […]

  • Randi Stewart posted an update 2 months ago

    You’re only looking for attention
    You only notice it ’cause I’m never around

  • Laying here,

    In the dark.

    Trying to sleep,

    But yet i weep.

    Hearing myself cry,

    But everyone,

    Seems to walk by.

    Can they not hear me?

    I must be alone.

    At least that is,

    What i feel.

    The sound starts to […]

  • Its okay,

    Im not your first choice.

    Its okay,

    Im not your second.

    Not even your last,

    But I’ll say this,

    I had a blast.

    It’s okay,

    I’m a little hurt.

    But I’ll be okay,

    So don’t worry about me.

    It’s […]

  • Must be ignore randi day. Meh

  • This being sick shit needs to end 😞

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