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Team F-View return to NEW pseudo Heroes. Both members JC Money and Tyger Smith fired and or banned from Buffalo. Still holding their respective titles they decide to open the show addressing the fans letting them know how it was. Little did they know they would be interrupted by a returning Mat Bomboy. Aftermath Bomboy… Continue reading TEAM F-VIEW

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Tyger Smith and Kazz(Chance Taylor) team up and hit the road. They take the name of the training school the Tygers Den. They would travel to Buffalo to Old School Pro Wrestling and face Danny Magick. The Tygers Den team with Super Beast? To take on Danny Magick, Ryot and Dre Gibson. 4 way tag… Continue reading TYGERS DEN



Rumble in the Roc. It doesn't workout for Tyger or any of his friends. Tyger found himself giving into dark thoughts in a random 3way dance with Evan McCloud and Kid Justice. Massena New York would never be the same. Tyger fights a debuting Draven(Gabe Saint). Spazz vs Draven. This match takes a turn where… Continue reading 2Sic

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Tyger Year 1

A new name and a new beginning. Tyger Smith debut's in NMW student battle royal. This was a place for young faces to try to get seen. But a ghost from the past threatens any chance of that. The unlikely team of Tyger smith and Groovy Gilmore take on Big Cat Lemer, in a handicap… Continue reading Tyger Year 1