State of the UWC in NCW

  Okay, I need to clear up some questions fans and wrestlers had at this past show. We entered that match with the mindset of it being exactly what it was billed as, the final chapter.   But instead, it was our platform getting highjacked by The Rent Collection Agency. We, The uWc are not… Continue reading State of the UWC in NCW


#TAKEITDEEP: What are you doing?

I'm in the gym Thanksgiving weekend, where are you? At home enjoying your family. Good, you should be, they probably value this time with you. My family knows that when I have something in my head, better get out of his way. They understand my drive. Something you lost a long thing ago. You're not… Continue reading #TAKEITDEEP: What are you doing?


Top 10 Hit List

This is fair warning we are coming you don't know when. 10)Kenny Brown We don't like your smile. You got too big of a pop for being a nobody. So u will feeling it so. 9)Dakota Orion The fact that you look like you could be a threat for the Silver lining Title put you… Continue reading Top 10 Hit List