Tap Out Handicap Match

The NEW office is angry at JC MONEY so they will take it out on 2Sic Tyger Smith his cousin. Tyger had no idea this was a handicap match for his TAPOUT title. These two were sent to hurt him and take the belt back to the office.

3way Tap Out Match

After guest refing a match between Chance Taylor and Kriptic Keegan, 2Sic Tyger Smith's TAPOUT Title was stolen. Kriptic holds the belt as if it's his. So NEW booked the three of them in a 3way TAPOUT title match!


Aftermath Bomboy pointed out the fact that the TYGER has turned his back on him and the fans he challenges him to a match. But then the most unforeseen thing happens. The power in the venue goes out. You won't believe what will happened after that.