#TAKEITDEEP, UnderWorld Champions


So recently the question of am I the face of the UnderWorld Champions product was bought up on Turn buckle Talk Radio. A podcast featured on the GERE NETWORK. Where Cyclone Jones challenged the idea if I was not the face for the fact that I am in the main event. I could understand this… Continue reading #TAKEITDEEP: THE FACE


#takeitdeep: Grudges

Hello, I'm an Asshole. You know lately, I've been in-and-out of a Medical daze. Apparently, I have offended many people in the wrestling industry. Sometimes Cognate of what I'm doing. Other times not so much. That's not an excuse. Apparently, people are holding grudges for things that I have done years ago. Which I can… Continue reading #takeitdeep: Grudges


#TAKEITDEEP: Thanks Giving

A lot of people say that this is their favorite holiday. And I totally understand that, because of Food and Family. Personally, it's one of those holidays that I remember as a child waiting for. Mainly because I grew up by myself and holidays such as this meant family was coming over. I could remember… Continue reading #TAKEITDEEP: Thanks Giving